Pre-Lease Signing Checklist

Once your application has been approved, a representative from Stoney Creek Commercial & Residential Management, LLC will call you and set an appointment for you to come in and sign your lease. The process normally takes about twenty minutes to complete and is conducted at our office located at 125 E. Third Street, Rochester, MI 48307. Please CONTACT US if you need additional directions.

We encourage all of our residents to come to the lease signing prepared and on time. All adult residents must personally appear at the lease signing and should bring the following items with them:

1) Valid driver’s license or state identification card.

2) Cashier’s check or money order for the full amount required to cover security deposit and rent. (Personal checks and cash are not accepted.)

3) Utility confirmation numbers.

4) Emergency contact information including names, addresses, relationship, and phone numbers.

Our property management representative will join you and will be prepared with your entire lease package including duplicate copies for your records. You will be signing several documents that are included with the lease package. You are encouraged to obtain renter's insurance policy from your insurance agent. You will also be required to put the utilities in your name before you are given keys to the property. All residents are encouraged to have the utilities put in their names as soon as they receive their move-in date. You can have the utility companies change the utilities into your name as of the date for the lease signing. This will save time during the signing process. If, however, you come to the lease signing without changing the utilities into your name for the effective date, you will be required to do so at our office before you are given the keys to the property.

During the lease signing, you have the opportunity to read the documents as well as ask questions about anything you need further explanation or clarification on. Our representative will go over each document with you and is knowledgeable in all areas of the lease.

Once you have signed all your paperwork, the utilities are confirmed and we have received your cashier’s check or money order, you will be given your copies of the lease paperwork and the keys to the property.

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